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Ninja Surfer

In the Ninja Guild’s 800 year history three Westerners have been granted membership. And only one surfer.

All paths to the Guild are unique. Some would say pre-ordained. World Champion surfer KELVIN SIMMS is no different. He grew up in foster homes along the California coast. His passions were tagging and petty theft until at age 13 he was arrested and charged with...

Dragon Rider

Global warming sucks. Unless you’re a dragon. As the temperature rises all those dragon eggs left over from the last ice age have begun to hatch.

YouTube and extreme sports star, DAX CARTER found his first dragon egg while rock climbing in Yosemite. As he quickly learns, these aren’t cuddly, talking, cartoon characters. They’re wild animals. Who will destroy the world unless...


HEATHER FINDLEY is the world’s biggest popstar. Are you jealous? Don’t be.

She has her own plane. She has millions of followers. She dates movie stars. Still jealous? Really, don’t be.

Her voice has supernatural powers. She can hypnotize a stadium with one word. She can belt out a sonic blast and destroy a city block. I know, it’s near impossible not to be jealous of that one, but trust me. You don’t want to be Heather Findley.

Dead Eye

Yeah, you can disregard the rosy promotional campaigns. The truth: Las Vegas has descended into a lawless hell hole. Ruthless gangs now control the streets. As the bodies pile up and the casinos go bust the Mayor makes a last ditch play.

Meet Vegas’ new sheriff, BEN WYATT. Zombie-gunslinger. Can’t miss. Can’t be killed. He’s been cleaning up dirty towns since the late 1800’s. But his services comes with a catch...

Red Ryder

The travelers had left the trucks when the sun was still high. But now it was dark and cold. A few minutes ago the cold was all they could think of. But now, with half of their number butchered by smugglers and the rest running for their lives through the jagged desert scrub, all they can think of is her.

Are the legends true? Would she hear their cries? Were they worthy? They were good, honest, hard working people -- this they knew. All they wanted was a better life. A natural human desire that had driven millions of others throughout history --  Suddenly, a woman astride a wolf appears before them. Her hooded cape swirls in a fury. But as she pulls the hood back they’re greeted by the dis-arming smile of a teenage girl.  “This way.” She tells them. And with a flick of her wrist the thick brush opens -- revealing a new trail. A way forward.


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