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For the love of movies and tee-shirts, aka The GenreWerks Story. Like many corporate origin stories ours began in a college dorm room. But this story comes with a twist.

Once upon a time, Gonz, Micah and Gary were Freshman roommates at the University of Pennsylvania. They always knew that their future paths would someday intersect, but in order for this to happen they first had to go out and forge those paths. In other words, like the heroes of our stories, they had to venture into the wilderness to claim their own individual swords.

Gonz returned to his hometown of Kansas City where he started a successful screen-printing and athletic apparel company.

Micah moved to Los Angeles and the movie business where he has developed, written and sold screenplays for movies and TV.

Gary dove into the high stakes world of Wall Street.

The creative spark for GenreWerks came from America’s most beloved art form, the movies. Unlike any other artistic medium, a screenwriter must rely on a large corporate machine and multi-million dollar budgets in order for their creations to see the light of day. As a result, for every character that actually makes it on screen, there are thousands more that are lovingly created yet languish inside a writer’s laptop.

Enter America’s second most beloved art-form... T-shirts! Tshirts would become the home for these orphaned characters. And just like that T-Shirt Movies were born.

There was only one catch... none of our guys could draw! What to do...?
Meet the final piece of the puzzle.

Andy, an old high school friend of Gonz, is an artist and design school graduate who has worked for years developing mixed media campaigns in the corporate world. Andy’s enthusiasm for the concept made the team realize that they had something special on their hands. Something that would resonate much further than the world of professional writers and creatives.

Very quickly the four of us became excited about the prospect of opening the studio doors to the public. Because this frustration of having a friggin’ awesome idea and no means of turning it into a tangible product -- is universal.

And as we’ve just as quickly come to realize, the thrill of finally creating that product -- is just as universal.

So, that’s our story. Now, what’s your story?

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