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Dead Eye

Dead Eye


In 1869, BEN WYATT was a 19 year old Civil War vet. The horrors of war prevented him from settling into the comfortable life that his wealthy St. Louis family expected of him, So like thousands of others Ben moves West to find his fortune.

In a Nevada cow town he falls in love with a beautiful Dancer at the local saloon. He decides to settle down and take the only job available: Sheriff. Not coincidentally the job allows him to keep the Dancer safe from rowdy cowboys. She’s grateful and soon the two are married and have a young boy.

 And then gold is discovered…


The gold rush brings in thousands of new residents. Lawlessness erupts and Ben struggles to keep the peace.  His wife suggests they move their family back to the safety of St. Louis. He refuses. This is his home now. He intends on fighting for it.  But then, after confiscating money from a card cheating ring, the gang of gamblers ambush Ben and shoot him in the head. 

Ben's distraught wife begs an Indian Shaman for help. The cure comes with a price. Because Ben’s body has  already died; when his soul is called back he awakens to find that he’s one of the “walking dead.” A zombie!

Ben returns to find his home burned to the ground and his wife and son dead.  The boy’s tiny hand clenching his father’s silver Sheriff badge.  Ben takes the badge, pins it to his chest… and vows to never take it off.


Because his soul has already died he can’t be killed again. When shot or injured his zombie body simply heals itself.

His gunfighting skills are now un-natural. He never misses. But this power only extends to the gun that was in his hand when he died. It’s an old West style six shooter that he carries in a holster on his hip. It’s impossible to buy bullets so he makes them himself. He’s also forced to stop and re-load after every six shots, which can be a pain-in-the-butt when facing down a gang of modern day baddies armed with automatic rifles and 100 bullet clips.


Ben is a hybrid zombie.  His rotten, zombie body only appears when he’s exposed to sunlight. During the night or, while protected from sunlight, he’s able to retain his original human form.

Ben works in the modern day equivilant of an old west town: Las Vegas! He works for the Sheriff’s department and patrols the city during the night shift. He rides in a souped up red Mustang with a gumdrop light on the hood.

His zombie nature is suppose to be a secret but most of the bad guys know not to mess with him.  The city wil never be free of crime but since he’s come on board the night has never been safer.


The MAYOR is Ben’s biggest supporter. Thanks to Ben the streets are safe and tourism is booming.

His enemies are many. The Mafia, drug cartels, biker gangs… they all have a price on his head. Unfortunately they just can’t kill the guy! There is also a PHARMACEUTICAL CEO who learns of Ben through the Mayor; he’s determined to find out the secret to his immortality… and then bottle it and sell it.


For the past 100 years he’s been seeking a pouch of ancient Native American herbs which can reverse his curse. It’s said to be hidden in the grave of a powerful Shaman somewhere in the American Southwest.


If he can’t find the pouch of herbs, or if an enemy finds it before him, he’ll remain a zombie forever. 


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