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Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider


DAX CARTER grew up in Denver, CO where his parents owned a motorcycle shop. His earliest memories are riding behind his Dad on his big 'ol Harley and hanging on for dear life.

He's spent the rest of his life trying to re-create that sensation. You know, the hair blowing back, a little knot in the belly. First came skateboarding, then BMX, then snowboarding… By the time he was 15 he won gold at the X-games.  His parents were concerned with his dare devil tendencies and forbid him from base jumping or rock climbing or heli-skiing. But when he turned 18 he gave up the X-games and became a full time extreme sports junkie.

He was soon rich and famous thanks to his own YouTube Channel where he posted videos of his wild exploits.  But just like his Mother feared, as he grew bored with the challenges he grew careless. He began to get hurt. A broken leg here. A broken arm there.  She lights a candle every Sunday and prays that her son will find a way to channel his energy before it’s too late… and he dies in a tragic accident.


While rock climbing in Yosemite National Park he stumbles upon a cache of ancient eggs. Dragon eggs. To his shock, as soon as he touches one, it begins to hatch!

While raising his young dragon back at his parents’ place in Colorado, a gang of masked Gunmen appear and demand the rest of the unhatched eggs. Dax’s Father tries to fend them off but the Gunmen shoot him dead, burn down the house and make off with a half dozen unhatched eggs.  Heart broken, Dax vows revenge.


Dax has his own dragon! While dragons can’t talk, Dax and the Dragon have a special bond and are able to communicate telepathically.

He rides on the dragon’s back with a custom saddle made from the seat of his Father's Harley Davidson Chopper.

Dax doesn’t believe in guns or weapons but beneath his t-shirt he wears a super light chain-mail body armor made from Dragon scales -- which are bullet proof and flame proof.


Although dragons have been extinct for over three thousand years there are several hidden dragon nests around the world. Now, thanks to global warming these eggs are ready to hatch; they’re simply waiting for the touch of a “parent.” In the ancient days dragons were bred so that they would be loyal to their human masters. Their DNA demands that the first human they set eyes upon will be their “parent” and whether the person is good or bad, the dragon will do their bidding without hesitation.


Dax’s best friend is his dragon, who he’s named “X-WING.” 

His arch-enemy is an ancient cult led by a man calling himself “Dragon Lord.” They’re intent on gathering dragon eggs and creating an army of Dragons… and take control of the world. 


Dax wants to hunt down and secure the world’s lost dragon eggs before they’re found by not only the Dragon Lord but anyone with less than noble intentions.


If the cult achieves their vision, not only will Dax and X-Wing be hunted down and killed… but the skies will be controlled by dragons and the world will have to pay allegiance to the Dragon Lord.


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