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Ninja Surfer

Ninja Surfer


KELVIN SIMM’s parents died in a car accident when he was just five years old. By the time he was 12 he’d lived with ten different foster families and had been arrested just as many times. He’s not a bad kid. His arrests are all trespassing or breaking and entering charges. He never steals anything. He simply walks through these homes to see how “real” people live. He likes to fantasizes that he too lives in a “real” house with a “real” family.

The Judge recognizes that he’s salvageable and sends him to a foster home run by a former pro surfer. His new FOSTER FATHER is a tough but kind man who forces Kelvin to get up at dawn and go surf... Every. Single. Day.

It works. The challenge and danger of surfing replaces the rush of breaking into houses. The bond forged with his Foster Father out in the water also provides the sense of family he’s been missing.

He’s also naturally gifted. Within a year he’s winning contests up and down the California coast.


At age 15 he travels to Indonesia with the surf team run by his Foster Father. While taking a boat to a remote surf break they’re attacked by a gang of gun wielding PIRATES. The boat is stolen and the surfers are abandoned in the water in the middle of the ocean. Exhaustion, sharks, sun...

One by one the surfers and finally the Foster Father die.

Kelvin is the last one alive. He clings to a broken surfboard and four brutal days later he’s swept to shore on a remote island. Which is the home of an old NINJA GURU.

Because the island is so remote and the Guru doesn’t own a phone or boat, Kelvin can’t leave until a rescue ship passes by. The Guru also controls the island’s only source of fresh water and, because he’s a grumpy, bored old man who just maybe “sees” something in Kelvin, he forces the boy to “earn” each drink by performing brutal ninja training drills.

It takes seven years before a passing ship stops at the island. By this time Kelvin is a fully fledged ninja.


The Guru has molded him into an expert in hand to hand combat. An expert with long sword and short sword, throwing stars, knives.... He’s also an expert lock-picker who can crack both electronic security and traditional security. He’s able to sneak in and out of any building or secured location without being seen.

On top of these traditional skills Kelvin carved a surf board from a balsa tree and continued to surf on the island’s various surf breaks. All of them powerful and treacherous waves that would make even the top pros tremble.

By the time our story catches up with Kelvin he’s in his early 30’s and has returned to the real world where he’s won dozens of pro tournaments and big wave surfing contests. Short board, long board, body surf, kite surf, wind surf, stand up paddle... he can also hold his breath for an incredible five minutes.


There’s more to being a Ninja Surfer than fighting and surfing. With these skills the Guru has also imparted responsibilities. As soon as he returned to the main-land Kelvin was inducted into an ancient society known as the “Ninja Guild”. Over the centuries the goal of the Guild has evolved. They were originally hired assassins and thieves. But with their coffers full from centuries of mercenary jobs the Guild’s mission has evolved. They now work as a force for good.

Kelvin quickly becomes their most valuable asset as he uses his pro surfing as cover to travel around the world and perform all manner of Guild related missions.


The Ninja Guild’s ancient rivals are an international criminal organization known as The Samurai Guild. The Samurai, like the Ninja, evolved from feudal Japan. However, unlike the Ninja, the Samurai became greedy and corrupt. They control large networks of drugs, slavery, arms dealing, cyber theft... piracy.

Yes, the pirates who killed Kelvin’s Foster Father were controlled by the Samurai Guild.


As part of his final Ninja test the Guru ordered Kelvin to swear a “Life Vow”. A goal that would steer his actions for the rest of his life.

Kelvin’s vow? Avenge his Foster Father by destroying the Samurai Guild.


Kelvin is the last active member of the Ninja Guild. The Guru, directed by a dream, waited on that island knowing that a young man would be delivered to him that he could mold into a champion. If Kelvin fails, the Ninja Guild ceases to exist and the Samurai’s empire will spread unchecked.


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