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Born and raised in New Jersey, HEATHER FINDLEY went to a private high school thanks to a music scholarship. She’s dreamed of becoming a pop star since she was a girl. She adores Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonce... She’s a lonely girl. Her Dad moved out when she was ten and her Mom worked two jobs as long as she can remember. The kids at her school were too rich and snobby to be bothered with a scholarship kid; so she convinced herself that once she was famous she’d have all the love and attention she’d need. No one would be able to ignore her!

After high school she moved to L.A. She wrote songs. She sang in coffe shops. She did some busking. Five years later she’s broke and lonely and working as a waitress. To make matters worse, she ends up serving some high school “friends” at the restaurant. They all have degrees and fancy jobs. They post photos of her in her waitress uniform. “#shoulda-gone-to-college!!” She’s humiliated.


Heather is about to give up on her dream when she’s informed that she’s a finalist in an on-line record label contest.  She goes to meet a handsome, smooth talking MUSIC PRODUCER who promises to make her famous and wealthy beyond her wildest dreams. All she has to do is sign a life-long contract. She balks. He proposes a test. He records a video of her singing one of his songs and puts it up on YouTube.

The next morning Heather wakes up to find media camped outside her apartment. Her phone is blowing up. The video is a sensation. It already has over 100 Million hits!  Sitting at her kitchen table is the Music Producer. Almost in a daze she signs the contract, barely noticing that a needle in the pen pricks her finger melding blood with ink.


Siren’s singing voice has hypnotic powers. Her music causes audiences to collapse in tears of happiness and sadness. Some consider her concerts to be a religious experience.

When aiming her voice at an individual that person will immediately do her bidding. The effect of the hypnosis is temporary but enough for her to manipulate people into doing things over the short term. She can also use it as a sonic blast… causing physical destruction.

Her mic is a weapon. It’s specially designed just for her. She can use it on normal mode which is a 360 degree blast. Or she can put it on bullet mode which sends out a pinpoint stream of sound at an individual target.


Siren has signed a contract with the Devil. In exchange for her singing power she will surrender her soul to the Devil when she dies.

Her hypnotic voice has turned her into the world’s biggest pop star. Initially Siren loves the fame and wealth. She sells out stadiums. She has her own plane. She dates movie stars. Her music and life style has one motto: “party harder.”

But after a car accident (caused by fleeing the paparazzi) she has a “near death experience” and glimpses her fate:  an eternity in one of hell’s fiery torture chambers. Immediately upon awakening she devotes her life to finding a way out of her contract.


Because of her voice’s power and her fame she has no close friends. Her romantic relationships always fall apart within a few weeks. A young PRIEST is the only person she’s met who is immune to her power. He slowly becomes her best friend and they work together to break her contract.

The Music PRODUCER is an agent of the Devil. When Siren begins to use her powers for good he tries to sabotage her efforts. He convinces bad guys and governments to try and take her captive and then force her to use her power for evil.


She must find the actual contract signed with her blood. She then must hold on to it until she’s performed enough good deeds that her bloody signature fades away. 


If she doesn’t physically have the contract in her possession the Devil can change the terms over and over so that she’ll never become free. And if she doesn’t break free of the contract her soul will end up in hell, being tortured for all eternity.


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