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So you want to be a “T-Shirt Movie Writer”?

Good news! It’s as fun as it seems, and easier than it looks. Keep reading to learn how to submit your own character to GenreWerks Studios.

1. Everybody wins. Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize, just by submitting a completed Character Template you will receive a GenreWerks logo sticker. Perfect for slapping on your car, skateboard, laptop, brother’s forehead...

2. Cash Money. If we fall head over heels in love with your character congratulations,you’ve won the Grand Prize and we’ll buy it from you, for $200.

3. T-Shirt Movies. We’ll give you 5 free shirts based on your character. Use these to give away to friends and kick start a social media marketing campaign.

4. More Cash Money. As the Creator you deserve to participate in the success of your TShirt Movie. Unlike other services who offer a percentage of shirt profits and then sell your shirt at bargain bin prices; we will pay you $1.00 for every shirt sold based on your character. No matter the sale price.

5. Pie In The Sky. Currently GenreWerks is only in the T-Shirt business. But your character has the potential to be more than a t-shirt. TV, movies, web-series, action figures, video games, coffee mugs... If and when GenreWerks enters these markets and your character wins the lottery - so do you. You will earn 3% of GenreWerks’ net profit on your character’s ancillary products.

Step One: Walk around in a daze and think up cool characters.

Step Two: Plug your best character into our two page Character Template.

Step Three: The GenreWerks development team will read every submission. Then, after much hand wringing and head-ache invoking deliberation we will choose the winners.

Step Four: GenreWerks’ professional artists will create a T-Shirt Movie design based on your character.

Step Five: GenreWerks’ professional screenwriters will write a movie scene based on your character.

Step Six: A T-Shirt Movie based on your character will be released and sold via the GenreWerks website!

Here at GenreWerks the key word is, believe it or not... “genre.” Our characters all live in the world of “genre.” Which means basically that they all illicit some kind of THRILL from their audience.

For example: A superhero provides the vicarious thrill of super powers. Or, a Pirate provides the thrill of being a “rebel without a cause”. A horror character obviously provides the thrill of being scared out of your pants. While maybe a Spy provides the thrill of international glamour and intrigue.

So, as you develop your character always be asking what is the “thrill” that he/she provides?

This is not a test. There are no wrong answers. So, don’t try and “guess” what people want. Write what turns YOU on. Remember in school when you were embarrassed to ask a question... but then finally worked up the courage to raise your hand and it turned out that everyone else secretly had the same question?! The same goes here... don’t be shy to let your hero out... Otherwise someone else will beat you to it.

Re-write. Re-Write. Re-Write. Once you submit your character template it’s impossible for us to allow for revisions. For examples of successful Character Templates read the “Story” section for any of our characters. We also urge you to use this Sample Template to fully develop your character before making an official submission.

Our Character Template is designed to provide all of the building blocks necessary to bring a character to life. The Template consists of ten sections and when complete will end up being about two pages long.

TITLE: This part is pretty self explanatory. Although short and sweet is always best. One or two words that jump off the page.

THE HOOK: Also referred to as the logline. One or two sentences that tells us what the concept is about. For example:

“A young man becomes the hero “Spider Man” after a radioactive spider bite gives him super spider strength, leaping ability, the ability to cling to walls and a radar-like ability to sense trouble.”

PERSONAL: A list of fun personal details to get started. For example: Name, Age, Horoscope, Favorite color, Favorite Sports Team, pet...

ORIGINS: Now we get into the heavy lifting. You have about half a page to tell us where your character comes from. Who was he/she before they became a hero?

THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: This one is the hardest part. In this section you have another half page to tell us what happened that turned your character into a hero. This is the moment or moment(s) that changed his/her life forever.

A good example is everyone’s beloved Peter Parker. Not only was he granted super power via a radioactive spider bite; but he was inspired to use this power for good after his Uncle Ben was killed in a robbery that Peter could have prevented.

See how this example gives us both a physical and motivational transformation?

THE SWORD: This one’s fun. A paragraph telling us what are your character’s special powers or abilities.

THE WORLD: You have another half page to tell us where your character lives. Are there any special rules that they must abide? What is the mythology or back-story of this world?

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES: In your character’s adventure who are his allies?
And more importantly, who are his enemies. Basically, who’s the “Bad Guy.” Give this one some 
thought because as The Joker will tell you, a hero is only as good as his antagonist.

THE GRAIL: What is your character’s goal? What do they want? What is the object or cause that drives their adventure?

THE STAKES: Last, but not least... What happens if they fail? Remember, your character may be the coolest cat in the world, but without good stakes no one will care what happens to him.

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